Jamun: Benefits, Facts, and Healthy Recipes


Jamun is a wholesome and nutritious fruit that’s filled with numerous vitamins. It’s a wealthy supply of antioxidants, calcium, phosphorus, and flavonoids. It additionally includes different vitamins like sodium, thiamine, riboflavin, carotene, fibre, niacin, folic acid, protein, and fat.

It’s a fruit that has been utilized in Ayurvedic remedies and medicinal drugs due to the fact historical times. You can locate Jamun in varieties – one is the white flesh range, and the opposite is the red flesh jamun.

Jamun is thought to deal with many fitness situations consisting of coronary heart issues, diabetes, pores and skin problems, infections, asthma, belly pain, flatulence, and lots of different scientific issues.

Jamun may be fed on in fruit shape, made as a juice, or maybe utilized in powder shape. It may be used in lots of wholesome recipes like salads, and smoothies because it aids in weight reduction.

Jamun is a completely nutritious summer time season fruit that has a huge variety of fitness advantages. The fruit is usually referred to as the Indian blackberry, Java plum, or black plum. There are sorts of jamuns – one range is the white flesh Jamun, at the same time as the opposite is the red flesh range. The white flesh jamun comes with a better quantity of pectin, and the red flesh range has a decrease quantity. Pectin is a substance that acts as a thickening agent while making ready jellies and jams.

Jamun has many medicinal houses as nicely and is strongly endorsed in Ayurveda for treating many fitness situations. It facilitates in instances like belly pain, arthritis, coronary heart problems, flatulence, asthma, dysentery, and belly spasm.

The black plum may be fed on uncooked or maybe loved as a juice. The fruit is utilized in numerous recipes consisting of smoothies and salads, at the same time as the seed may be fed on in powder shape. Today, the leaves, bark, and fruit are used to make fitness dietary supplements which might be to be had in tablet and pill shape.

Nutritional Facts of Jamun

Jamun is loaded with all of the critical vitamins. Though the fruit is filled with fructose and glucose, it’s a low-calorie fruit. It’s an first rate supply of iron, potassium, nutrition C, proteins, carbohydrates, and magnesium. Since the fruit is low in calories, it’s far ideal for wholesome snacking!

Jamun is likewise a wealthy supply of antioxidants, calcium, phosphorus, and flavonoids. It additionally includes different vitamins consisting of sodium, thiamine, riboflavin, carotene, fibre, niacin, folic acid, protein, and fat.

nine Amazing Benefits of Jamun

Jamun has many fitness advantages that paintings wonders for the frame. It has many medicinal advantages and is used to deal with extraordinary sorts of scientific problems. If you’re searching out to apply jamun on your diet, then right here are nine advantages of jamun which you ought to know.

1. Increases Haemoglobin

Since jamun has hundreds of nutrition C and iron, it’s far useful to boom the haemoglobin count. The iron content material found in jamun works as a blood cleanser as nicely. During the menstrual cycle, ladies face blood loss, and as a result the iron content material is useful in such situations. It’s extremely good for people who be afflicted by jaundice and anaemia because of the excessive iron content material found in it.

2. Keeps the Heart Healthy

Jamun is useful to preserve your coronary heart wholesome and preserve coronary heart problems away. The fruit includes potassium that facilitates in sicknesses like stroke, excessive blood pressure, and coronary heart issues. Individuals who devour jamun often save you the arteries from hardening.

3. Treats Digestive Problems

Jamun has digestive houses that assist with belly issues. It comes with houses that lessen fueloline formation, for that reason supporting with bloating, flatulence, and constipation. Jamun additionally has antacid houses that save you the extra acid formation withinside the belly. Hence, it facilitates to deal with indigestion problems, gastritis, ulcer issues, and additionally promotes the absorption of vitamins.

four. Fights Respiratory Problems

The famous jamun fruit is taken into consideration a conventional treatment for treating all sorts of respiration issues. It’s recognised to have many effective antibiotic and anti inflammatory houses that assist in treating issues like asthma, not unusualplace cold, and flu. Jamun is stated to loosen catarrh build-up withinside the nostril and chest, as a result easing breathing. The fruit is likewise useful in looking after asthmatic and bronchitis issues too.

five. Helps with Weight Loss

Since jamun is a low-calorie fruit and includes excessive fibre, it’s far ideal for which includes in weight reduction recipes and diets. It improves digestion and facilitates lessen water retention withinside the frame. Jamun facilitates to enhance the frame’s metabolism, satiates hunger, and continues you complete and glad for an extended time.

6. Keeps Skin Healthy and Radiant

Jamun detoxifies and purifies your blood, leaving your pores and skin radiant and glowing. The fruit additionally comes with astringent houses that assist in treating pimples and blemishes.

7. Diabetes Management

According to Ayurveda, jamun facilitates with diabetes management. The elements like mimosine and jamboline gift withinside the seeds gradual down the quantity of sugar launched withinside the blood and boom insulin levels. Jamun reduces diabetic signs like common urination and thirst.

8. Strengthens Teeth and Gums

Jamun is likewise used for oral hygiene. It’s useful in strengthening tooth and gums. The anti-bacterial houses determined withinside the leaves of Jamun assist save you bleeding gums. The leaves of the jamun fruit are dried and powdered after which used withinside the shape of a teeth powder to reinforce the gums and tooth.

nine. Protects Against Infections

Jamun has been used as an historical treatment to combat germs and shield the frame towards infections. The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal houses gift withinside the fruit extract now no longer best take away germs and micro organism however additionally works to deal with and heal wounds. The bio-energetic houses in jamun lessen fatigue and weakness, leaving you energised and fresh.

Healthy recipes the usage of Jamun

In case you’re seeking to upload jamun for your diet, however now no longer certain approximately the extraordinary approaches to devour it, then right here are 2 easy jamun recipes you may strive out proper away.

#1 Jamun Fruit Juice Recipe

Consuming jamun withinside the shape of a fruit juice is one of the simplest matters you may do. This is one of the excellent approaches you may encompass jamun on your diet, specially if you’re seeking to lose weight.

Servings: 2 cups


  •  ¼ cup of jamun pulp
  • Jaggery powder to flavor
  • 2 cups of chilled water
  • A massive pinch of black salt


  1. Start via way of means of scraping out the pulp from the seed
  2. Add all of the pulp right into a blender
  3.  Start mixing the pulp, jaggery powder, chilled water, and black salt.
  4. Pour into massive glasses and serve immediately


  • For sweetness, in place of jaggery powder, you may use honey, sugar, or any form of sweetener which you prefer
  • The jamun juice ought to flavor a chunk sour, so upload the sweetener accordingly
  • You can both have the juice as it’s far or stress it earlier than serving

#2 Jamun Chia Pudding Recipe

This is every other smooth and no-prepare dinner dinner recipe the usage of the mixture of jamun and chia seeds which might be delicious.

Servings: 2


  • 10 huge jamuns
  • 2 tbsp of chia seeds
  • Honey – as required
  • 1.five cups coconut milk
  • Nuts or seeds to garnish the dish


  1. Take a huge bowl and upload withinside the chia seeds, coconut milk, and honey. Mix all of the elements to mix nicely
  2. Now, permit the aggregate take a seat down for approximately four hours or until the chia seeds swell up nicely. You may even depart it withinside the refrigerator overnight
  3. Remove all of the pulp from the fruit and puree it
  4. Mix one a part of the jamun puree with the chia seed blend and integrate the whole lot nicely
  5. Take one part of the chia seed aggregate in a tumbler or bowl and pinnacle it with a touch little bit of the jamun fruit puree
  6. Garnish it with nuts or seeds of your choice
  7. Repeat the equal for the second one serving

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